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A thirsty camel can drink up to 130 litres of water in about 10 minutes.

Camels are ruminant herbivores and like to feed on grass, hay, grains, dried leaves and thorny desert vegetation – they have even been caught eating sun hats, leather boots and canvas tents!

90% of the world’s camels have been domesticated and are used for transportation, their meat, milk, fur, the fat in their hump for cooking, and their dry dung to fuel fire.

The worldwide population of camels is around 20 million; there are approximately 1.5 million camels throughout Australia.

While you’re not insulted, (because you love your body – camel toe and all) you look back at them to take a look at those whom you have offended, and you notice that the very same couple just walked by a man wearing biking shorts without acknowledging his obvious bulge.

Now, as far as you’re concerned, you and this biker-man are both inconspicuously bearing your junk in completely appropriate ways.

Camels were first imported into Australia from Pakistan and India in the mid 1800’s by early settlers exploring the country’s interior, and for the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line, outback cattle and sheep stations, dams, pipelines and railways.

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One of the most efficient, resourceful and highly adept animals on the planet, the dromedary, or one-humped camel can thrive in the most inhospitable of environments.

It’s inevitable that women of all shapes and sizes will at some point in their lives fall victim to camel toe.

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Whether it’s your favorite pair of vintage denim jeans or those yoga shorts you wear in your cycling class, it’s safe to say that most all women have had it.With all the gender-equality focused progress being made through feminist movements (reclaiming words like ‘bitch,’ the ‘free the nipple’ movement, acceptance of body hair, etc.), why not consider tackle the negativity toward the female camel toe too?