Dating millionaires reality

22-Jun-2017 09:58

Around 46 per cent of the country's 376,000 millionaires are female, according to a survey by researcher Datamonitor.The report, which labels women "the richer sex", says the number is growing by almost 11 per cent every year.Nearly 4,000 women are now among the richest Britons, with liquid assets of more than £5million, according to Datamonitor.A liquid asset is cash, savings, shares, bonds and collective investments, such as unit trusts.

She said: "We went on a small business course to learn the basics of bookkeeping, VAT returns and publicity, then put all the best bras we found into a catalogue to sell by mail order.The business went bust in 1991, leaving her homeless with debts of £20,000.Miss Streeter found it impossible to find work and decided to set up another recruitment firm in 1997, even though her bank refused to finance the project.She believes that the key to helping more young women succeed is to encourage confidence and help them aspire to greatness. We need to give them the confidence to go out and get on with it.' FROM BUSINESS FAILURE TO £75M JOBS CHIEF Penny Streeter left school at 16 without any formal qualifications and worked her way up to become branch manager of a recruitment company.

She then started out on her own, but admits she was 'naive' and overly-ambitious.

Initially, she worked for her father's business training engineers.

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