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10-Dec-2017 08:54

You act yourself around her, and treat her with respect. This is the only part of this instructable that is actually, you like this girl that you met, and you have really gotten to know her well. so, do you feel like you know yourself pretty well?

All I ask is for you to bookmark this site so you can keep coming back for more!

Hey guys, I used to be a loser nice guy who had no success when it came to girls. I'm starting a blog to help guys turn their lives around and bang girls.

Just be like "hey, I really like you and getting to know you has been great. Sorry for the long comment, I just have lots of different things I wanted to say.

For instance, while hanging out with your buddies.2. Unless of course your trying to get a girl that you already know.

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this goes back to the "be yourself" part.3new people. So where should I hang out to find these geek friendly girls? What if you are also ugly, a geek, and (according to some people at least) annoying? I wouldn't ask to "date" or ask to be their boyfriend or whatever.

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