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07-Dec-2017 14:27

While some transgender women start off very feminine in their appearance from the onset - most don’t.

Our voices are perhaps the most challenging aspect to make into a flawless presentation. That thick and healthy mane is derived from hair extensions.

You may agree with some of my opinions - disagree with others.

However, if you're relatively new to transgender related sex issues, you'll certainly walk away with some fresh perspectives.

Expecting joy like they’ve watched in a porno only to experience SEVERE pain.

Positions – best for beginner is missionary why The inch at a time rule You can’t use too much lube *Grin* Fortunately for the reader, I've had some experience in the sex department.

“I just found it best to only sleep with guys I know are larger than my own”.

If it’s just for your partner’s desire it might not work for you. Step Two – it’s all about relaxation…lots of people first try it all excited or geeked out.

It’s not something we like or can help - just comes with the turf. Even complete shaving won’t sometimes fully remove the stubble - although this is usually only noticed if she’s pressed against the smoother skin of a born-female.

Most often, full time TS women use this platform to install breast implants that look ideally feminine.

Although some TS stick with their HRT induced breasts - either because of limited financial means or personal preference.

Thus, we can’t easily dissociate sex from love-like feelings. *Laugh* Being “passable” as a transsexual woman is a function of many things - and a very long and grueling process to achieve.

It requires creating a feminine appearance and developing a style that causes her to not stand out as transgender.

Unfortunately for Renee - it hasn't all been pleasant.

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