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See a dentist trained in dealing with breathing issues to address your concerns. Read more I have found that some of my patients experience shivering like action of their teeth because of two things. So yes being overweight may contribute to nighttime grinding.

The first is spontaneous muscle spasms due to a parafunctional habit.

It worked well enough and by 7.20am my group bleeped over the timing mat.

Day one took us out through the Mendips and a quintessentially English landscape of thatched cottages and beautiful, quiet roads through meadows and woodland: a bucolic idyll.

The start was delayed until 7.30am as the tent housing the timing equipment had blown down.

The wind was to remain with us most of the day, but the rain at least stopped by 8am and the sun shone. And we still had another 100 miles of riding and two more big climbs to come.There was a real mix of bikes too from the nondescript to the rather flashy (and in my opinion rather ridiculous for the event) full-aero time trial machines.